For his spits Brownie personally selects all his meat. From succulent whole Pigs, to the Beef, which is aged for 7 days to ensure the utmost in tenderness for all lovers of meat. Crunchy, well done, juicy or rare, he does it all. He uses NZ’s finest early season lambs which are the very best in the world.
All meals are served in a buffet style, although the wedding table is served. Whether it be a marquee, hall or open venue you can be assured of a fantastic presentation. Looks are everything.
To ensure food tastes good it must be fresh. Brownie’s wonderful team make all the salads themselves. They don’t buy them ready made, this way they know you receive the freshest salads on the day. It is evident in the taste.

Our bread rolls are baked to be ready 10 minutes prior to departure to your function. These little things make your function the success you expect.

The Staff

Our first priority is the quality of our food followed closely by the quality of staff. A happy disposition is our main criteria and we ensure they arrive in clean, crisp uniforms.

The Crockery and Cutlery

We supply good quality crockery and cutlery and do all necessary collecting and cleaning of these. If you prefer we supply quality disposable plates and plastic cutlery 5 times the thickness of a normal plastic knife and fork.. Many corporate or more casual laid back functions such as Christmas parties and birthdays choose this option. Its very popular as you save a substantial amount of money..

The Spit

Our spits are smokeless and are heated by gas or hot coals. Depending on the venue, inside the finest of rooms to the back yard, these are great!

The Service

We arrive 10 minutes prior to your guests so everything is up and running before the very first guest arrives. When they walk in the impressive sight of our spit is a real eye catcher! We like to serve the dinner no later than one and a half hours after our arrival, when the meat is at its optimum.

We have received hundreds of unsolicited references. Many of these are from people who say in their words that we made their wedding, or from large corporations thanking us for making their Xmas party or get together a huge success. We strive to make every function achieve this goal! And succeed!!

Perhaps not all your guests are meat eaters, we receive many unsolicited comments on our wide variation of salads from vegetarians who feel they have had a complete meal.