Brownie’s Spit Spectacular

Specialising in Pork Spits, Beef, Lamb Roast meals and complete catering services

The Real Deal Spit Meal

No other spit roast company within the Waikato and BOP provides whole carcass spit roasting

Quality catering

Full meal catering service and Party Hire services covering Rotorua, Tauranga, The Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

We can cater for

your Wedding, Corporate function, Birthday, Christmas Party- You Celebrate…We’ll do the rest!!

3 Reasons to Call Brownie's Spit Spectacular


We are the only  Authentic spit roast in the Bay & Waikato, please click our video to see what no one else can give you!!


We are the most experienced & longest established  Spit roast co in the Bay and Waikato, 20 yrs!!


We cater for the real kiwi appetite, and are famous for our generous eat until  you’re not hungry! And the last person gets the same as the first person!!

The only Real Deal Spit Meal in the Bay of Plenty

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We also offer comprehensive menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Seafood, Vegetarian, Meat or combination cuisine. Your choice from Soup, a selection of Finger Foods, Entrees, and Meats plus Vegetables and Salads, Desserts.